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BeyBlade Was F'n Dumb BeyBlade Was F'n Dumb Rated Stars Does anyone even remember BeyBlade? Well if you don't, lucky you, 'cos it was f**kin' DUMB Comedy - Parody PleaseDiePie PleaseDiePie Rated Stars PewDiePie parody that will undoubtedly rustle some jimmies. Comedy - Parody Falcon Punch Joke Falcon Punch Joke Rated Stars A revolutionary Falcon Punch joke that will change our lives forever. Comedy - Parody The Nokia Hands Collab The Nokia Hands Collab Rated Stars connecting people with randomism Comedy - Parody Don't Feed Dogs Chocolate Don't Feed Dogs Chocolate Rated Stars An animated P.S.A about the dangers of feeding chocolate to dogs! Comedy - Original 5secondcollab 5secondcollab Rated Stars 2 seconds intro. 5 seconds video. 1 second credits. Comedy - Original McFatty McFatty Rated Stars McFatty has a bad day... Comedy - Parody The FlintFags Parody The FlintFags Parody Rated Stars Gay as shit!! :) Comedy - Parody Pffft Pffft Rated Stars Pffffffffffffffffffffffff fffffffffffffffffffffffff fffffffffffffffffffffffff ff Comedy - Original Anime Leo &amp;amp; Satan! Anime Leo & Satan! Rated Stars Leo + Satan OTP kawaii AMV~<3 Comedy - Parody SlenDerp SlenDerp Rated Stars Parody of the videogame "Slender" HOW WACKY Comedy - Parody BANAHNAZ INN PIDGAMAZZ BANAHNAZ INN PIDGAMAZZ Rated Stars Bananas In Pyjamas make the comeback you most likely haven't been waiting for! Comedy - Parody Dora The Expl-whore-r Dora The Expl-whore-r Rated Stars Dora embarks on a wonderful journey and then dies because shut up Comedy - Parody Piranha 3DD In A Nutshell Piranha 3DD In A Nutshell Rated Stars I foolishly lampoon a truly beautiful piece of cinematic magic Comedy - Parody Pokemon - Brock Gets Laid Pokemon - Brock Gets Laid Rated Stars Brock finally does it. Proud o' you, kiddo'. Comedy - Parody TELLIETUHBEEZ TELLIETUHBEEZ Rated Stars Telebubby what now? Comedy - Parody Jewish Vampire: On Ice! Jewish Vampire: On Ice! Rated Stars A Jewish Vampire doing Jewishy, vampirey things. Comedy - Original