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i animated it. i'll see if we can post it here on NG but for now here it is on YT

backgrounds and color ref help : https://souredapple.newgrounds.com

a music video i did for fun, give it a peep and a kiss. can't put it up here because of the music, pls forgive


2016-05-23 07:36:23 by SpeedoSausage

i put out a new toon, Yu-Gi-No! about my favorite show as a wee youngster

give it a watch, maybe a kiss...?


also i'm animating Pharah from Overwatch's booty 

hey what are u up to?

2016-02-04 14:22:36 by SpeedoSausage

im rubbing my tummy!



Hey! its me, Speedo! i made a new cartoon, Naruto: The Final Episode, which is part of a Naruto ending collab featuring other cute big boy animators like Dudul, Catfat n' more!

The reason its been so long since I last put out a full animation like this (almost a whole year in fact) was because I had other priorities, namely college, that took up alot of my free time, and motivation. i'd get home in the evening after school and with the few hours i had, i just wasn't up to opening Flash every day. I also had a small animation project I had to make for someone else (that I won't be sharing since its a thing for kids that probably shouldn't be associated with my dirty disgusting tainted username - also because you probably wouldn't like it anyways) so that took up even MOOORe free time. But little by little, I finished this and started working on the next cartoon which should be out hopefully within a couple weeks! 

I'm free to work on my shit again now, for summer at least. if i do die again, check out my twitter where i whine alot and see what i'm up to.

also be sure to check out the Naruto toon on youtube!

thanks guys! 


he;lo 2015

2015-01-02 10:37:42 by SpeedoSausage


*fills my diaper* :)

2014-09-10 12:07:43 by SpeedoSausage


i'm making a new toon called Hyper Action Emergency Squad. it's like 3 minutes long, has a bit more f-b-f than what i usually do, and i'll try out After Effects on it too. don't know when it's gonna be finished tho since i'm starting school soon and i've only got the animatic done so far! 

4066159_141036526292_18b9853bdc83c830b30a0a66befd5d37.pngill start the linework n colorin n shit soon but right now i'm just takin' it easy for the last few days of break and drawinggg




some stuff about A-rated things

2014-07-12 09:39:27 by SpeedoSausage

hi. so uh, why are a-rated pictures hidden on a users page until you view all? because the same doesn't seem to apply to movies or games, or favorites. i could understand if people didn't wanna' see explicit art thumbnails when going on a users page, but it seems kinda' dumb and pointless when a-rated pics still show up right there in the favorites section.


really should be like a toggle wether you wanna show A-rated stuff on your userpage, or for users to toggle wether they wanna' see A-rated content at all (since even if you have the red A ticked on, your A-rated pics are still always hidden on your userpage). idk bout u but i think having some of my content hidden is kinda' garbage.




2013-05-06 13:24:10 by SpeedoSausage

nice 2 c u
wots up


2013-04-07 00:33:14 by SpeedoSausage

wasted my fp post but oh well
follow me, creepazoids!