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oh god its almost chrossmisst. i have a bunch of different ideas for a xmas special but I don't know what to go with. I do have A christmas video done but its only gonna be on youtube because its 5billion times too good for NG, the servers won't be able to handle it.

theres a good video that'll hold you over. right now i AM working on a video (when am i not?) that will about the new AIDS of youtube - face-cam lets players, aswell as vbloggers who choose to make a pointless gaming channel because $2mil a year ain't enough lol. PREVIEW PIC HERE Can you guess who it is HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM? THATS RIGHT! It's Shaycarl.

tbh, I wanted to get alot more done by christmas than I can. This face-cam vid'll come out next, then I'm gonna' try as hard as FICKLE to get out a pretty dang wacky Game Grumps parody - as I've said before, not the usual "animate audio from one of the episodes" fare, but an original scenario - then I'm gonna do what Eggroll-aptor said to do in that con video where he said pm it to him and then I'm gonna do that and make him regret it but then he won't see it because Jon is inviting him back to bed.... then the Christmas vids. Future plans include a Beyblade parody (I seriously need to think of a better name than "Gayblade" though), Tekken parody, Resident Evil parody, FUCKING ORIGINAL SHIT I'M NOT JUST GONNA BE SHITTING OUT PARODIES 24/7, and even a couple of music videos. I wanted to do ALL that back in summer when I was getting out a video a week (remember those good times, back when my mic sucked shit? lol) but then I forgot "OH YEAH FUCKING SCHOOL" so I'm a little saddened that I couldn't get all that done BUT, at least now you know what I have in store for 2013 ;)

Also, I've been making entries for various collabs which haven't released yet, so despite all this, I've still been animating almost constantly which is pretty cool, I guess.

If you bothered reading all that, here's a reward ;) (its a still from one of these collab entries, and no SpoonfullTits lol if you read this, not our "put your ass in the air" one)

Bonus reward:




SHIT! They took down the link to the doorknob fetish book D: Oh well, at least I still have this

Also its my birthday this Wednesday, imma' be 18. Finally you can all legally rape me. It will also be Travis Barkers birthday, he's pretty cool, blink are my favorite band I guess. And Patrick Warburtons birthday, he gets paid millions of dollars for doing the same voice over and over again. And Janine Lindemulder's birthday, she was a pornstar. kay.

I am working on stuff but I have so many projects I wanna' tackle right now that I'm getting a bit flustered. I am eating cake right now. mmm. i'm not wearing socks either. think thats all i have to say with my fingers for this week. good night, senpai

I know what I'M getting this Christmas. Plus my birthday and other stuff

1000 fans WHUT

2012-11-03 19:49:19 by SpeedoSausage

So at some point within the last couple of hours, I went past 1000 fans. holy willy! I don't know what you guys see in my shitty craptoons. Especially the early videos which had the absolute more ear-raping, speaker-breaking microphone known to man used in them. jebus. See? I'm being all self-depreciating so you'll all start saying "awww <3" and I'll pretend you're all hot girls wanting my dick and then I'll touch myself in my no no parts.

And I got more shit coming, guys and gals PAH...gals. More shit coming, guys. Like I'm making like 3 whole entries for one collab to come soon, a bunch of other silly ideas including a Game Grumps cartoon, and NO. It's not gonna' be the same "HURP DEE DIDDLY DURR I'M GONNA TAKE AUDIO FROM ONE OF THEIR EPISODES AND JUST ANIMATE THEM TALKING WHICH PRETTY MUCH DEFEATS THE WHOLE PURPOSE OF MAKING A CARTOON OF THE AUDIO IN THE FIRST PLACE" that every other animator on the planet is doing right now, mine will be an "original short", I suppose. Because it's still a parody of them so I can't really call it "original". But it's got an original script. FUck you.

Anyways, 1000 fans. Wow. I think you guys deserve something. Here, it's an unedited photograph of me celebrating:

1000 fans WHUT


2012-10-29 10:37:09 by SpeedoSausage

Feast your eyes
Mine is the awkward sexual one, because what else would i do?

Inspired by the 5secondfilms crew. This collab has been in the making for like 3 months. While it sounds easy, and WAS easy to make just a 5 second sketch, the real challenge was trying to tell a story in that short span of time - I definately had trouble with it. But I hope you like. Good job to everybody involved with the collab and well done to the animators EthanAlways, JellyDraft, Tomabi, RainDash, QuietStealth, Punkmetalguy31, GuybrushThreepwood47, MacDonaldFin, Megadrivesonic and collab organizer GunboyIsAwesome. I would make all those names links to their accounts but I'm lazy lol check 'em out from the credits & info section.

As for me, I'm trying as HARD as I can to get my own Halloween animation out before Halloween night. It's my first original cartoon since, well... my first one. SO YA LOL. Also got to get a crack a lackin' on like 3 whole cartoons for another single collab. Busy as a foookin' bee, I am. Anyways, thats all for now, HAPPY HALLOWEENUS.


Its that time of year again, folks! Deck the halls and such! (PIC 1 LOL)

Oh, and updatez. I'm doin some shit. Motivation has kinda' been all over the place recently, but I've started working on an actually furkin' original cartoon, Halloween themed and everything! It will cover the dangers of feeding chocolate to your dogs - it can make them very ill :C (PIC 2 LOLOL)

Also been getting alot more serious with my original series. I don't actually have plans to start animating it until about this time NEXT YEAR, but I've been writing scripts for episodes now aswell as basic plot ideas for dozens more episodes. It'll be a bit more cleverererer than my other videos so far (as well as having episodic plots) but will still of course have the messed up, fast-paced style you've come to know and love/fucking hate about my parodies. Bottom pic shows our 3 heroes, there'll be plenty more recurring characters but those are the main ones. Left girl is airhead ditz, middle guy is hates-everything asshole, right guy is camp and probably the main source of lolz in the show so far. Don't be fooled by the arm holding there either, theres no gay "will they, wont they" moments in the show - its more like if she was Spongebob and he was Squidward. She's infatuated with him and he fucking hates her. yeah. penus. (PIC 7 I GUESS)

well thats all folks, have a happy valentines day. i hate you all <3 <3 <4

hApheh HawohLeE. n. and meye planz 4 d future

lol watch it stupid. or you can watch it here for dat crystal clear quality, guys
A behind the scenes look of the creation process:

NEW CARTOON - Gangnam Style parody OF COURSE (nsfw post lol)

Get out.
Some guy asked me what kinda' things I have in my dump. I says to him, I says, "bits of corn" and he says to me, so he says, "I meant your Newgrounds dump" and then I realised I had stupid shit like this.

oh yeah and i am the making the 2 animates. They're both short and dumb. One on the left, I started like a week ago and it's actually VERY different to the shit I usually do... if I could compare it to anything, it'd probably be RicePirate's DOT DOT DOT.... hmmm.... I'm kinda' at the half way point, but I stopped for now so I could focus on the one on the right... I dunno whats going on there BUTT i like what I see haaaaafuck you. I honestly doubt I'm gonna upload the left one to Newgrounds because its mainly writing with occasional random visuals that I think the people here would hate, so that might be youtube exclusive. One on da right is just under 30 seconds long but I'd say people will like it more so it should go up here. now go away and watch something funny like smosh because he is so hawt i mean oh my god who cares if he isnt funny, hes got some sweet pretty boy looks ;) oh yeah and the image below has probably been smushed (or should i say smoshed rofl) but you should get the gisticles of it.

2 New Cartoons in the making and some other shit

... on my big dramatic 16 year old scene-girl type rant so now only my fans will see this newspost... which seems kinda' pointless seeing as how this post is going to be entirely dedicated to my recent video (Leo And Satan anime parody) which my fans will see ANYWAY, so... ehrm... maybe I can just show you this instead which I found interesting. SYMBOL 666 HAPPENS TO HAVE SATANS NAME IN IT AAH AAH AAAH

I wasted my last Frontpage post...

I have f'd up. BIG TIME.

2012-09-14 14:46:46 by SpeedoSausage

This stupid flash I've been working on has been killing me the past week. Bunch of these dumb "OUT OF MEMORY ABLURGH BLURGH BLURRRGGHHH" messages popping up everytime I try to do something have been awkward to work around to say the least, but I've really done it this time. I'll keep it short - I basically deleted the entire last 10 seconds of the flash. Like, irreversible damage, you can only undo like 50 times or something with Flash and I've pretty much exceeded that. This wouldn't be so bad if it weren't for the fact that this last 10 second piece had the most detailed frame-by-frame section in the entire flash. Took me days to do it. And honestly, I feel like fucking shit. Like... about to fuckin' cry. I mean this flash, as silly as it is, has suffered DOZENS of fucking delays, error messages, going back to school, memory problems, crashes, cups of tea being spilled on my laptop keyboard.... but this is the absolute fucking worst. It seems this day was just going all too well for me, finally being able to promise to a few friends "WELL GUYS, ITS BEEN A MONTH, BUT IT'LL FINALLY BE DONE THIS WEEKEND", and now this shit happens. Will I able to actually finish it again now? I honestly have no clue. With the whole out-of-memory problems looming, I remember trying to add a few extra lines to one part of the animation but then a message popping up, not allowing me to draw anymore. I'm afraid thats gonna happen again. And even if that doesn't happen, how the fuck am I supposed to find the motivation for that all over again? I distinctly remember it being an absolute dreadful chore first time around, HOW in gods name am I supposed to go back and do it. Fuck this, fuck Flash, and most of all - fuck my life.

Suppose to only thing I can do now is start making another little simple animation I had planned for a while and just chug that out to hold me over until I can go back and do this one again, but that one is probably only gonna be YouTube-exclusive anyways, so.... I might just be dead on NG for the next while... this is just.... ughhh.... Guess I better whip out my obligatory 128 song playlist to get me back in the working mood. Anyone else experience this or have any ideas how I can get back in the spirit?