o hey

2013-02-11 13:07:02 by SpeedoSausage

So my new Game Grumps toon is done, here she be! Thanks for the frontpage and junk!

Finished scripting the first 5 episodes of my Happy Hour series I've teased every so often, and I really can't wait to start animating it, it's gonna' be alot of fun. BUT I'm waiting on a new Wacom 12wx graphics tablet to come before I tackle it so maybe I'll make one or two more shorts before we wave goodbye to ol' mousey that made like the last 20+ animations of mine <3

Also I've decided I want to do a cool little art series based on viddygame girls because clearly I haven't drawn enough of those. I'm limiting myself to a trading card-sized canvas, and will probably deal with commissions this way too. OH GUESS I BETTER COPY/PASTE THAT HERE AGAIN:

I draw whatever you want (by whatever you want, I mean characters lol I can't fuckin' draw cars or buildings or shit like that. So characters from your favorite vidyagames, tv shows, animu, whatever, or your own original characters, I'll do 'em! For a price of course!
For a single character, the pricing goes:

Lineart only - $10
Lineart and colored - $15
Lineart, colored, and a background + additional photoshop touch-ups and effects - $20

PM me your commission request here, payment (USD) via my PayPal which I'll message you.

Peace out, niggz.

o hey


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2013-02-11 13:10:11

Can you draw me as a car?

SpeedoSausage responds:

http://www.newgrounds.com/dump/dr aw/022c51f0afe0f7bbffcc34fd22155b 2a


2013-02-11 13:35:43

Great GG toon, but what was the song in the credits?

SpeedoSausage responds:

http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/l isten/473978


2013-02-11 13:37:18

jaque is badass


2013-02-11 14:27:22

nice grumps cartoon, its very accurate :3


2013-02-11 14:37:24

Draw me and I'll send you some anal mucus muffins. They're moist ;).

SpeedoSausage responds:

It's a good offer but uuuuuhhhhh (more like BUTT uhhhhhh)


2013-02-11 15:25:10

WHY are you so awesome?

SpeedoSausage responds:



2013-02-11 15:25:20

bb yousohandsome

SpeedoSausage responds:

ya see


2013-02-11 16:35:10

speedo why you such a fine animating hoe?


2013-02-11 19:12:12

if I ask for a CG stick model with 3D effect you could do it

SpeedoSausage responds:

probably not, i have 0 clue how to use 3d software


2013-02-11 19:38:58

Great Jeb! elso pul did good on the bj's


2013-02-11 20:10:28

If i had mony i would buy a lineart.


2013-02-11 20:13:13

Your are quite the animator SpeedoSausage. Also would you be able to draw me and you flying through SPACE in a SPACE car WWOOOOOoooooo........woo......

SpeedoSausage responds:

no fuk u


2013-02-11 20:40:23

Can you draw me a dick?


2013-02-11 22:28:46

are you getting a cintiq?


2013-02-11 22:35:21

Cant wait for your series.


2013-02-12 01:37:50

so your gonna make a series that will be on happy hour..........seems legitimate

SpeedoSausage responds:

uh huh


2013-02-12 02:46:32

My six year old niece could draw better than you :L

(Updated ) SpeedoSausage responds:

Kids become art prodegies like that when they take years worth of abuse from their uncle


2013-02-12 07:52:36

You gotta be fucking kidding me? You drew everything with a friggin' mouse?
What will happen if you get your hands on a tablet now. I can already see the portal flooded with sausage material.

Oh, and the 12WX tablet is a pain in the ass because of all the fucking cables n shit.
Besides that, I recommend you to buy a SmudgeGuard glove and one of those screen protectors.

SpeedoSausage responds:

Lots of cables, sure, but I've no real other choice, unless there's some futuristic wireless tablet from the future


2013-02-12 14:35:46

where did you get your art style from?

SpeedoSausage responds:

...myself? Influences range from JohnnyUtah, Gonzossm and Oney to anime/manga and early 90's Nick cartoons. 'Tis a mixed bag really


2013-02-12 22:03:10

Sperdo Sesage i think your art needs a bit more boobs
perhaps underboob
then your beautiful art would be 11/10

SpeedoSausage responds:

Thats like all I draw


2013-02-13 00:03:22

Congrats on getting your greasy hands on a cintiq, I have one also and the only problem you'll have is the contrast on it, when you go to color on the cintiq the colors will be darker than they appear so you either lower the contrast through Photoshop or what ever or drag the window back and forth from both of your monitors to choose the right colors that you want.


2013-02-13 08:16:44

dafuq?! mouse?? no fucking way bro,respect.