School tests and R.I.P Mouse and other serious junk

2013-02-20 19:16:08 by SpeedoSausage

Been doing shitty tests all this week and my worst ones are coming tomorrow and Friday. GIVE ME MORAL SUPPORT.

Also hopefully within the next week or so, my new Wacom 12wx will have arrived. For those of you kids not in the know, I've been doing everything with a mouse up to this point. Every fuckin frame of every animation done with a cheap, 5 dolla' mouse. Mmm. But now we're moving forward I GUESS. Tweaking the character designs a little before I can finally start working on my series. Or at least the first 5 episodes of it, there may be more if it does well. Until then I don't really know what to do with myself :/

I don't want my channel to be lacking new uploads while I work on the series, so I'm probably just going to be sticking to 30 seconds or less vids for my own channel from now on until at least these 5 episodes are done. Unless they're like REALLY, REALLY good 30 second shorts, I'll probably just be uploading them exclusively to YouTube. So if you don't see any new uploads from me in a while, now you know. I'M BUSY. The show looks a little gay for now but I guarantee you, its probably the funniest stuff I've wrote yet.

Also got ANOTHER project to focus on as well that will mean I'm doing even more intense animation coming up this year, oh, and I've got Final exams this summer. So this year is gonna' be pretty fuckin' stressful for me. Having to deal with contracts and taxes and crap now, I'm having my first taste of the "real world" and it tastes yucky! But oh well. Hopefully this animating malarcky turns out for the best. If not, you'll probably see me taking your orders in McDonalds until then. Greasy!

Oh, and another thing: CTRL+V!

I draw whatever you want (by whatever you want, I mean characters lol I can't fuckin' draw cars or buildings or shit like that. So characters from your favorite vidyagames, tv shows, animu, whatever, or your own original characters, I'll do 'em! For a price of course!
For a single character, the pricing goes:

Lineart only - $10
Lineart and colored - $15
Lineart, colored, and a background + additional photoshop touch-ups and effects - $20

PM me your commission request here, payment (USD) via my PayPal which I'll message you.

Here's a photograph of me taken by EpicFaceFist

School tests and R.I.P Mouse and other serious junk


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2013-02-20 19:55:08

you did every animation so far.. with a fucking mouse. "N****r you cruu-azzeeey"


2013-02-20 20:40:07

touch my sausage ?


2013-02-20 20:43:38

Have a candy bar right before the test, and yer guaranteed to have a better score. A little 'cramming' wouldn't hurt either, lol. Yeah real life sucks, but there's women out thar!


2013-02-20 22:06:49

i should probably get a cintick soon

SpeedoSausage responds:

Spent close to a grand on it so it better be worth it. If I'm mousing it up again a week later then x_x


2013-02-20 22:21:09



2013-02-20 22:58:59

Your shit is awesome.


2013-02-20 23:01:05

I was going to make a joke about @Luis doing all of his stuff with a mouse, but looks like he beat me to it. Fuck.

Good luck on your tests, though.

(Updated ) SpeedoSausage responds:

Just one more to go aaaaah
also this ain't twitter, @ZJ


2013-02-21 00:56:17

I'll give you $5 for a pony jerking it onto one of those cute little Krave cereal squares.

yum yum


2013-02-21 01:19:16

i used to draw and animate with a mouse for ages too and it felt normal /easy for me. i have the shakiest hand so drawing with a pen and tablet was and still can be annoying sometimes HEHh


2013-02-21 05:57:54

If you mean a 12wx cintiq, its definitely worth it.


2013-02-21 13:35:56

you are........a very hansom man...thing


2013-02-21 15:15:13

please make a teaser

SpeedoSausage responds:

More than likely will make some sort of 30 second "introduction" type episode for my own channel like what they did with Leo And Satan/Hellbenders, don't really know exactly what to do in it though


2013-02-22 19:28:13

When your Cintiq comes you should make a post entitled "SpeedoSausage's Production Value Skyrockets!"


2013-02-23 09:28:43

@username is actually a feature we just never formally announced it

SpeedoSausage responds:



2013-02-23 19:08:46

fine dont believe me


2013-03-01 16:58:31

ur a fagot still.

<3 onii-chaaaan~