some stuff about A-rated things

2014-07-12 09:39:27 by SpeedoSausage

hi. so uh, why are a-rated pictures hidden on a users page until you view all? because the same doesn't seem to apply to movies or games, or favorites. i could understand if people didn't wanna' see explicit art thumbnails when going on a users page, but it seems kinda' dumb and pointless when a-rated pics still show up right there in the favorites section.


really should be like a toggle wether you wanna show A-rated stuff on your userpage, or for users to toggle wether they wanna' see A-rated content at all (since even if you have the red A ticked on, your A-rated pics are still always hidden on your userpage). idk bout u but i think having some of my content hidden is kinda' garbage.




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2014-07-12 10:01:03

that's y u only friend people u wanna be friends with dummy ( i only have 4 friends )

SpeedoSausage responds:

now i know!
i guess im just gonna delete the randoms and get rid of that part of the post. until now, the friend system seemed to have no impact, which is why i was always like "ah sure i'll accept ur request, no harm"


2014-07-12 11:17:14

A for apple.


2014-07-12 13:24:28

At least it shows up when you press view all art?

SpeedoSausage responds:

my problem is you don't have to click "view all ____" to view a-rated stuff in any other category, except latest art, and i'm wondering why that is


2014-07-12 22:24:37

maybe its newgrounds way of saying, those A-rated artworks dont need view-supports like show casting in user main page since they allready getting lots of views without. but im not sure, just guessing


2014-07-13 13:43:04

Write in the author comments of your art submissions that god told you to draw them and use that as justification to make them E for everyone. Tom is a die-hard Christian so i think you'll be able to fool him.

Problem solved, it's not rocket science u n00b!


2014-07-14 13:07:08

looks like mr. fulp is at it again


2014-07-15 14:00:36



2014-07-26 09:14:32

What it is or what it seems like to me is that newgrounds is becomming like DA as far as hiding the adult pieces from younger viewing eyes. Sure they could always just go into your art folder and pull up the A - Rated tab to view your A rated pieces but at least this way newgrounds is starting to prevent younger audiences here on newgrounds from seeing such material.

But again it doesn't make a lot of sense if they can still get in and see your pieces. but it doesn't matter all that matters is that you and everyone who is either following you or loves your work can continue to view and enjoy said pieces of art.

All in all I don't think it's anything to really worry about. I don't seem to mind it but again that's just me.


2014-08-08 22:14:31

Good thinking, they should censor the favorites too.