naruto (lol) (epic) (epic parody 18+)

2015-06-03 09:04:28 by SpeedoSausage

Hey! its me, Speedo! i made a new cartoon, Naruto: The Final Episode, which is part of a Naruto ending collab featuring other cute big boy animators like Dudul, Catfat n' more!

The reason its been so long since I last put out a full animation like this (almost a whole year in fact) was because I had other priorities, namely college, that took up alot of my free time, and motivation. i'd get home in the evening after school and with the few hours i had, i just wasn't up to opening Flash every day. I also had a small animation project I had to make for someone else (that I won't be sharing since its a thing for kids that probably shouldn't be associated with my dirty disgusting tainted username - also because you probably wouldn't like it anyways) so that took up even MOOORe free time. But little by little, I finished this and started working on the next cartoon which should be out hopefully within a couple weeks! 

I'm free to work on my shit again now, for summer at least. if i do die again, check out my twitter where i whine alot and see what i'm up to.

also be sure to check out the Naruto toon on youtube!

thanks guys! 



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2015-06-03 12:05:38

The fan art in the intro was perfect.


2015-06-03 12:18:15

im getting really tired of pics and black people showing they're backs at me X( and finaly they uploaded the damn thing >.> gg


2015-06-03 14:47:51

great work on this!


2015-06-04 01:20:14

Hahahaha The "Spider Guy" Face is like :
" -Awww men.....Forget my Waifu , I want Those Watermelons "


2015-06-04 17:16:53

i appreciate the mpreg in the beginning.

SpeedoSausage responds:

he's pregnant with Boruto


2015-06-19 19:37:29

That black guy has a stiffy if you didn't notice Kappa.


2015-08-15 18:12:09

Poor Spoderman ain't getting any boobers.

That's what happens when he has shitty reboots. It's not because he's black.


2015-10-22 01:15:01

Stop being funny.

SpeedoSausage responds:

*spanks josh!*


2015-12-24 02:03:58

Howdy @daethdrain