2016-05-23 07:36:23 by SpeedoSausage

i put out a new toon, Yu-Gi-No! about my favorite show as a wee youngster

give it a watch, maybe a kiss...?


also i'm animating Pharah from Overwatch's booty 


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2016-05-23 07:42:19

Turned out really great, good job!


2016-05-23 07:46:58

Liked the part where he said,"I will sacrifice my Raging bull ox and 5 Dollors to summon Blue Ice white Dragon!".

Card Clearly said,"Four-eyed Bitch Nerd Dragon",

Anyways Love The Animation And can't wait to see whats next!


2016-05-23 09:01:10

Just holy shit dude. You're drawings really sucked when you first started and now your art style's one of the best designs on the web imo.


2016-06-05 04:21:30

legitimately think it's the best cartoon you've ever made by a mile


2016-06-09 12:34:53

Don't have an account there, but did catch this on youtube, for fear you weren't gonna publish it here! Just saw your latest art portal offering, and thought, "I'm sick to death of MSM/anime/movie characters being drawn all the time, how about some real fringe shit like helen of troy or joan of arc, historical ladies or ones out of books we mighta read." Don't mind me, I hate the 21st century |:


2016-06-09 12:38:27

I used to love watching yugioh after work, I'd VHS dat mutha while I was sleeping, at least the 2nd shift work back then was decent, made coming home to watch it all the sweeter, that and Liberty's Kids on PBS... which was all based on an out of print book, just like Shoalin Showdown... and none of them credit the long dead authors, total fags all >:(