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BackYard Adventures Test BackYard Adventures Test

Rated 3 / 5 stars

but lol why delete it from YT but upload it here? people are still gonna be like "HELLBENDERS LOL"
also its funny to essentially critique myself, but what was up with that pineapple line??

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SpoonFullTits responds:

Yeah. and I deleted it cuz the sound was muffled man, so i might reupload it.

every 1direction fan ever every 1direction fan ever

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I get comfort in the knowledge that goombowser had to scream "fuck me" several times loud enough for his neighbours to hear. Mmm. GOOD JAHB, the animation was alot more consistent from start to finish than it was in Making Mad, and who doesn't love that titty-grabbing-chips bit? Niiiicccccccee

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tristious responds:

that was actually all me hehehe. peter just did the mama

Slenduh Slenduh

Rated 5 / 5 stars

you're a genius

Worst Halloween EVER! Worst Halloween EVER!

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

I'd say the 3 stars are just for Adam Beilgard's one alone. EthanAlways' one was fairly decent and fitting too, but the rest were rather "meh".

The theme was a scenario that would make your Halloween the worst one ever - so what the heck was Sakahuman's one doing in there? I mean it wasn't bad but it has absolutely nothing to do with the theme, it doesn't even seem like a Halloween cartoon at all, just some asbtract art project.

The scene select on the menu isn't an actual scene select either, just sends you to their accounts as opposed to playing their part in the collab. And the sound quality of the entire thing is pretty iffy, seems like you used the default Flash audio compression.

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Perkyman -The Lovestory Perkyman -The Lovestory

Rated 4 / 5 stars

I never thought I'd see a Pokemon parody end like this. Ever. Wow lol.

My only complaint is the voice work could have been a little more exciting, but the joke was funny, despite being random as all shit, maaan

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Halloween Crap Halloween Crap

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

The animation was fairly satisfying and fluid so good job on that. But I don't think the first skit was necessary, seeing as the same joke with a laser beam killing them was done later (and it was done better) with Ryu. Also resorting to Pedobear is always a lazy move, to me. You coulda' designed your own old man pedophile character and have fun with it instead of having to stick to an established character.

Announcement Announcement

Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

Ummm this is the kinda' thing you use your newspost for. You don't need to make an animation explaining stuff you could easily just write down.

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Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

It was ok, but the way you decided to move the trees about with tweens, especially with the first person view, was very messy looking. The ground seemed to almost stay perfectly still while the trees glided all over the place like they were on skateboards. Then, when it got to the bit with the truck, I noticed some of the trees even started disappearing and reappearing. The trees themselves didn't look much good either, they were very pixellated - I don't see why you didn't just draw them with Flash aswell so they'd be vectored and wouldn't have that ugly blocky look to them.

Obviously this whole issue with the trees wouldn't be such a big deal in normal circumstances but when nothing is happening in the first minute building up to Slenderman's reveal, alls your looking it as is trees, and they didn't look pleasant. The animation did pick up when the stickman was running away from Slenderman but there was one over-the-shoulder shot were his hands were going OVER the back of his head when they should've been going in front of them. And ending with a LOL memeface? no no no no no.

Aside from these faults, it was somewhat decent and Slender's first reveal did jumpscare me

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guitan11 responds:

the "lol" meme face was a must. if you know the characters from the series (like i suggested people to do first) then you know that PV doesnt talk, he kinda uses pictures to talk. and Rood's arms and legs stretch, hence the tentacles. besides that, i agree with all that you said.

Pokiemans A Fag Parody Pokiemans A Fag Parody

Rated 3 / 5 stars

I'm not gonna' give a biased review now just 'cos I dun did work on it. The whole set up, I thought it was ok I suppose seeing as I agreed to it (LOL) but it kinda feels like a continuation of Screwits one... or like Pokemon Spread but focusing on her tits as opposed to her ass.

You need to change the audio, man in the publish settings in Flash. You still have the audio stream/audio event set to 16kps, you need to change that up to 160kps so the audio actually sounds like the files I sent you.

Your animation is better than before but still needs work. Like when Joy first shows up, the lineart is HELLA messy. I know you've started using a tablet (I take it you used it on this) but you need to SLOW DOWN WOAH. Like I said, its better than before, but the lines were so rushed looking. And theres some other things like how her boobs were clipping over her shirt when she revealed them in such an odd looking way, and when Ash or whoever pokiemans protagonist is nowadays is saying "my mom never told me", is that like... shading on the top of his head? The pure black? Because it looks like one of those jewish man hats rofl.

Yeah once again I have to keep going back to saying YOU ARE IMPROVING, but with the rushed lineart and all-too-familiar "Nurse Joy is hawt" themes both of the previous major pokemon parodies have had, some stars have to be knocked off. Oh yeah, and fix the audio. You can just go back into the .fla (granted you havent deleted it), change the audio in the publish settings and reupload it. Those are my two cents. I still heart you bro, i still heart you, you just need to work on shit. Oh and don't call people "chairs", super offensive man.

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SpoonFullTits responds:

Thanks man!! i understand lol :)

Gay of Thrones Gay of Thrones

Rated 3 / 5 stars

The animation is nice and some of the jokes are funny, but looking at past works, this was kind of a let down. Some of the wacky faces, I've seen before, it just felt like I was watching Dragonzball P again in a different setting.

And the screaming at a mole thing... with the face and everything, just looked ripped straight from Psychicpebbles Reply Girl video. Unless it was just a referance to it, but it seems like a very misplaced referance. But like I said, the animation is satisfying as always, and the voice acting is pretty swell too.