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Anni-May Stars Anni-May Stars

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Yeah, I hate to add the whole "GIRLCHAN MUCH?" vibe thats been filling up the comments and reviews sections of this video already, but there are sadly alot of similarities. It's kind of hard to go down the "parody anime cliches" route considering Girlchan has beaten you to the punch on alot of things, even the little things like the mouth flapping, the "Hmph" sounds the characters make when they're talking smugly (like as the guy is revealing he has mastered the iron face technique) and the entire cast of characters all gasping at once overdramatically. Still, as I've said before, you have pretty nice animation and the fight scene is, again, cool.

You're getting better, and judging from past works like Star Nova and The Freelance Police, I know you can do way, WAY better. This video was a little bump in the road, but nonetheless, you're on the right track.

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Twisted4000 responds:

Ha ha, why thank you. :p Yeah, I mean sometimes lots of jokes have just been done before I suppose. This wasn't really a big project though, took a bit less than two weeks, while my other stuff took a couple months, since this was kinda supposed to be filler because there's one series I want to start but I'm still waiting on audio... but again thanks for the review, much appreciated!

Blackman The Movie Teaser Blackman The Movie Teaser

Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

Did you really just draw everything (the backgrounds I wouldn't mind so much, but the actual guy too?) with the line tool? Because it looks blocky and, well... horrendous. Try the brush tool.

Using gradients to fill colors again just looks so cheap and ugly. Try properly shading, again with the brush tool (using the "Paint Inside" feature), because I know while you think using the gradients adds some depth to your character, he still looks incredibly flat.

Using shape tweens to give the illusion that the cape is moving is AGAIN cheap and ugly. Look at his cape just as he hears the girl scream, it doesn't even fucking look like a cape anymore, just a bunch of ugly black swirls. You could easily acheive a pleasent-to-look-at cape motion by just drawing like 3 or 4 different frames of it flying over and back.

And the logo for your CHEAP TOONS cartoon thing? Its nice the Looney Tunes-type red swirls still have the watermark of whatever site you ripped them off. At least try and redraw that as opposed to just plain swiping it.

Finally - the music. While good (funny the only really good thing about this flash is something you didn't actually make), it loops awkwardly, to a point where everything goes out of time like the girl will scream way before he even reacts upon a second or third viewing. Get a preloader, to avoid stuff like this happening again. Oh, and a trailer is supposed to be something that gets you excited for the series/movie/whatever. Is Blackman supposed to be a comedy? Because nothing in this came across as funny (apart from the poor lineart and coloring, I suppose) Is Blackman supposed to be a serious action? Because there was no serious action in this, just him standing on a building doing... well nothing, really.

But no, despite all this, I'm really looking forward to the series or movie. Because seeing as how its a superhero movie, regardless if its a parody, I strongly suspect there would be a fight scene of some sort. Should be fun to see animated entirely with the line tool. Seriously, again on that, using the line tool not only makes it harder for you, but it also looks terrible. Brush tool, use it.

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Pokemon or Something? Pokemon or Something?

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Gay rant time.

1: We all knows its annoying as shit when people in comments/reviews section blab on about how "OH YOUR STYLE LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE SO AND SO" or "OOOH COPYING SO AND SO" as if we didn't already fucking know that, but god damn, who really cares if this looks like Spazkid's style? Screwit works alongside Spazkid, for gods sakes, Spaz helps with inbetween frame work or some shit, so naturally it's already going to end up looking like a Spaz cartoon, PLUS most recent animators all watched Spazkid's lengthy flash tutorial, so that should contribute a hell of a lot to the similarities aswell. Deal with it, faggots. And besides, this flash didn't just get frontpaged because of its visuals alone, it got frontpaged because it has the visuals AND you know... jokes? Pretty crazy, I know. Which brings me to my next point:

2. Again, who also cares if its a Pokemon parody? Screwit, my hot piece of chocolate man-candy, you did it because you wanted to, because you know you had something different to bring to the table, and not some joke thats been done like a million times before like "LOL IM GONNA PUT PIKACHU IN THE POKEBALL AND THEN WHEN HE COMES BACK OUT, HE'S A PILE OF SMUSHED BLOODY CHUNKS BECAUSE THE POKEBALL CRUSHED HIM WHEN IT SHRUNK LOL IM A COMDEE MASTRMIND" Not because you wanted to jump on some Pokemon-parodies-are-cool bandwagon, but because, again, you had an actually different joke.

Finally, Screwit, I'm actually genuinely fucking sorry for sounding like a mother standing up for her son to all da bullies, but the last thing anyone wants is a chain of "LOL SPAZKID MUCH ROFL AM I FUNNY IF I SAY THIS TASTES LIKE SPZKD AND EGRPTR" reviews, if you can even call them reviews.

Now enough of that bloody rant - Here's my review on the video: this was shit fuck you quit copying spazkid, screwit.

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Screwits responds:

You know too much about the truth!

Therapist Therapist

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Pretty fantabulous overall, but yeahah something about the tongues and mouth movements irk me, and the cake sequence went on for a teensy bit too long, but it was great. The whole sequence from when he wakes up to the end is hilarious!

Also no such thing as too many dicks

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JihadGrandad responds:

Well, glad you liked it! If anything, there is never enough dicks?! That didn't sound straight in the slightest..

Emviel Likes Cookies Emviel Likes Cookies

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

It's well animated to a certain degree, but like Damien said, there does seem to be more than one similarity to some Oney and Pebbles cartoons. Like the whole typing sequence looks almost exactly like the kid typing at the start of Pebbles' Arrow To The Knee cartoon... then the "look left to right really fast while sweating profusely" looks like it came straight from the Hellbenders short. And then the kid who was eating the cookies looked and sounded just like the guy who put the tissue roll down his pants in "FYAT".

We've all made mistakes like this, I've certainly unintentionally made scenes that resemble scenes in other animators work before, but there's just too many instances in this cartoon for it to be unintentional. Still, like I said, the animation is pretty okay but I'm hoping for more original stuff next time.

Pffft Pffft

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Voice actor is hot and would fuck him. But girl, you forgot to edit the Audio Stream and Audio Event qualities in the Publish Settings menu. Otherwise, nice work ;)


SwagMuffin responds:

I did that on purpose nig so that it would continue on into the replay button #UnbiasedResponse

Lol Edit: i fixed it nig

Choose your Image Choose your Image

Rated 3 / 5 stars

It was pretty okay, but when drawing shadows with the brush tool in Flash, click the blue circle with the red line going through it in the toolbox and select "Paint Inside", it basically allows you to color inside the black lines.
The concept of the video is nice, otherwise.

ThePrawn responds:

Oh sweet. Thanks! That's useful.

Sam's Sammiches Sam's Sammiches

Rated 4 / 5 stars

I think the music might have been a bit too lively for what was going on, especially since not much action is going in the first few scenes, but it was cute and the animation was great and fluid. NICE SHTUFF

Brewster responds:

Haha I know what you mean. It's like, she's stealing a sandwich with this cutesy-ass music going on, kinda seems out of place. But whatever, I like the song regardless. Thanks a lot!

Experimental Film Experimental Film

Rated 0 / 5 stars

Wow, animation is life-like. It's almost like you used your poor quality camera to record other videos off youtube and then use the circle tool on peoples mouths in MS Paint to give the illusion that they are singing the song!!!


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J&M - Fred J&M - Fred

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Really solid animation, and great background work. Also loved the uses of the Wilhelm Scream and the "MY LEG" SpongeBob audio clips haha

Only complaint is what you've already admitted to - the poor quality Fred voice. I mean its hard to know what Fred's saying in his own videos, but with the quality issue with this, it was pretty impossible to understand. And on the subject of voices, I don't who's John and who's Mark, but whichever is the smaller younger one, he should speak up too.

Still though, loved everything else

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BoomBuster responds:

thanks for the comment, as i put my original acting voice into high pitched effects for fred (which i use WavePad with), i actually think that NO ONE can understand what he's saying. so that's why i putted the little cop and the robber in the beginning of fred scene so that hopefully you can understand